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“your partner for complete cold forging solutions”

PERFORM cold forging B.V. is an dynamic company specialized in high end cold forging parts.

With our highly motivated and experienced craftsmen, with over 20 years of experience in the development and production of special cold forging products,  PERFORM is able to offer products of high accuracy and quality at a competitive price level. PERFORM believes in developing very strong relationships with its customers to achieve the best solution to ensure the highest performance.

Therefore we not only provide high quality cold forging parts, but we also offer our knowledge in cold forming technology. Why? Because PERFORM truly believes that close cooperation with its customers makes all the difference. For you and for us. 

Our core values


We believe that close cooperation with our customers makes all the difference. 


Continuous professional development of employees is our highest priority. We truly believe that people are the key to success. 


“Quality” isn’t just a department. Quality is something that we produce and is determined by every process within the organization.


We keep our words.

Product portfolio

Due to our large and modern machine park are we able to offer a wide range of parts. 


M8 - M24
Lenghts: 10mm till 200mm
Grade: 4.6 till 12.9


M8 - M24
Hights: 5mm till 30mm
Grade: 5 till 12


Thooted wheels, Shafts, Bushings, etc. Diameters: up till 49mm
Lenghts: up till 205mm

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