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PERFORM cold forging B.V. has over 20 years of experience in the design and development of special cold forging parts for customers of various industries.

We specifies our design and development activities in 4 major steps: 

For each RFQ we start with a technical and commercial feasibility check (1). 

After a RFQ get’s an order we start our development process according to the APQP process which consist of 3 phases:

  • The development of the progression (2), 
  • the industralisation / tool design (3)
  • and the product launch / R@R (4).

1)Feasibility check

First step is the technical and commercial feasibility check. As a partner we will make our expertise available by given our customer technical feedback on their request. Goal of the cooperation with our customer is to bring up the best product design. Which means that we ensure that the part will fulfil the requirements of the customer as well as the reduction of costs and the improvement of quality.

2)Progression Design

The design of the progression determines the quality of our production process. Not only the production stability but also the tool-life time and of course the product itself. 

3)Tool Design

After we developed the cold forming progression we design the complete tool-set from cut-off knife till the transport fingers. 

A complete tool-set can exist of over 100 pieces.


This is where everything comes to live.

With the Run @ Rate method we check the capacity of the production of a product. Especially in mass production you want to determine whether the planned ramp-up curve can be produced with the corresponding demand.

We do the Run @ Rate test always under series production condistions which ensures testing of installed machinery, tooling and equipment.

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